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The phone service provider (Verizon, Sprint, ATT etc.) delivers the message for the user through the cellular network as opposed to the Internet. It is entirely possible, and highly likely, that users will utilize both the phone carrier’s network to send SMS messages, while also using a messaging app to communicate over the phone's Internet (data) connection.

Instant Messaging (IM or IMing) is a service allowing users to send typed messages, pictures, files, and live video to a recipient based on their screen name.

There’s a wide range of such environments available as downloads, encompassing the following categories: Animals and Nature, Beauty and Fashion, Comics and Characters, Interactive Fun, Love and Friendship, Purple, Sports and Games, and Yahoo Tools.

As such, this feature allows you to really create a special virtual environment for your online IM experience with another person. Messenger is around since the end of the nineties and has grown over the years to become a versatile application, offering IMVironments which allow for customised looks of the IM windows, custom status messages, address book integration, buzzing and showing information about the music you’re listening to as your status message. Messenger comes with added file sending and voicemail capabilities, enabling you to featuring basic player functionality, it supports using the webcam service enabling worldwide users to see user webcams.

Join us now for free and get the best adult chat online.This may seem redundant to mention - but it is important to understand this type of messaging utilizes the Internet network for transporting the message. Cell phones (both flip phones and smartphones) can also send text message (SMS = Short Message Service) to other phones with only the use of a phone number.This messaging service is very simple and built into the phone.All the chatter has to do is enter any of the numerous free chat rooms and start sharing views and ideas on any topic of your choice. The last category of features is the fun and personalisation one, encompassing plugins, audibles, emoticons, displaying images, skins, IMVironments, Yahoo games, custom status messages, custom ringtones, customisable fonts and colours, sound effects and soundtrack during voice calls. Messenger will not only allow you to make free PC-to-PC voice calls with worldwide contacts, but you can also .

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