Working with an intimidating boss dating my wifes best friend

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After all, your manager has the power to affect your pay, performance review, career opportunities, reputation, project assignments, and the general pleasantness of your working day.

So you need to realistically weigh the potential costs and benefits of lodging a complaint.

So what do you do when you don’t get along with your boss?

Well sometimes the best advice is really to just move on to a position or environment more suited to your personality.

That is an insult to an honest hard working nurse as well, and tells the true colors of many health care executives today; GREEN.

It could be in the form of comments or actions that make you question yourself or cause you to make mistakes.Science attracts so many different and quirky personalities that you are bound to have a problem with some people.But when your boss is the problem, its a big problem for you.It is difficult to address because oftentimes it may be seen as you “taking it the wrong way” and so others may not always see the problem.The only way to deal with passive aggressive behavior is to recognize it and address it at the time it is happening. Simply let the person know that their comment was not ok and that their rudeness is not necessary.

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At first the harried editorial assistant rarely manages to please the ice queen, but gradually she wins favor, in part through victories like the one in this clip.

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