Romeo and juliet dating

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Juliet's father isn't a cruel villain trying to force his daughter into an unhappily-ever-after marriage.

G., My husband and I are not seeing eye to eye on this one.

I wonder if it is normal for a 13-year-old boy to be expressing love at such a young age.

They also talk themselves out of a tuff situation by misleading whoever they are talking to.Well, recently this boy has been texting my daughter that he loves her.I check my daughter's emails and Facebook and she knows this, so this isn't the main problem between us.Rather, it reflects how we cling to the idea of a love story that we've collectively projected onto Romeo is a lascivious creep you wouldn't want dating your 13-year-old daughter.Romeo meets Juliet after donning a disguise and sneaking uninvited into a party thrown by her father.

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Branagh has made an interesting choice in casting 77-year-old actor Derek Jacobi as Mercutio, Romeo’s best friend, considering the 48-year age gap between him and 29-year old Madden.