Dating greek phoenician coins

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Dating greek phoenician coins

Contact with the Egyptians helped to spur a change in Greek architecture.Inspired by the sanctuaries in Egypt built to worship the Egyptian gods, the Greeks began to construct large temples of stone to appeal to their own deities.The Campanian cataclysm sank much of the island of Ischia.Between 25,000 and 18,000 years ago, the sunken green tufa and sea mud (clay) deposited on top of it were then thrust up again by the intrusion of molten magma from below, breaking up into many blocks (horst), causing many faults, and creating Mt. (That clay later became important to humans as raw material for pottery manufacture.) The volcanic units around Epomeo continued to be active for some time, and the island as we know it was still being formed through significant lava flows as recently as 5,000 years ago.

A large close-up appears below, so you can see the detail Very approximately: HALF SHEKELworn: 0 US dollars approximate catalog valueaverage circulated: 0well preserved: 0SHEKELworn: 0 US dollars approximate catalog valueaverage circulated: 0well preserved: 00These are catalog values.

That is Melqart, god of the Phoenician city of Tyre, on the front of this nice silver coin.

On the eagle side, you can see the Greek inscription TYPOY (IEPAX) for the city of Tyre. These coins date from before Christ to after, and come in two basic denominations: SHEKEL: about 14 grams, about 28 mm diameter HALF SHEKEL: about 7 grams, about 22 mm diameter Numismatists who study these intriguing coins understand the dating system and the minting system, which appear to the left and right of the eagle.

Ischia and her neighbors, Procida and Vivara, are all islands of recent and intense volcanic origin (unlike the other island neighbor, Capri, on the other side of the gulf, which is really a broken-off fragment of the Apennine mountain chainan extension of the Sorrentine peninsula). Epomeo (787 meters/2,589 ft., photo, below) surrounded by a number of various types of "volcanic units," (small, extinct or dormant craters), and it is here that recent research has corrected the misconception that Mt. In 1930, the Swiss vulcanologist, Alfred Rittmann, established that the greenish tufa rocks of Epomeo are not the remains of a crater, but the products of a powerful eruption that were thrust up and broken into blocks (called "uplifted horst").

Radioactive dating has shown that the oldest formations on Ischia go back 150,000 years; they are on the eastern and southern edges of the island.

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The collapse of the royal regimes in parts of the Mediterranean resulted in the rise of a new social class of merchants, seamen and courageous voyagers that sought for new markets and raw materials, and thus reshaped the social and economic status quo.

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